Passion + Great Designs

Great products intrigue, delight and create an emotional pull. Our passion for design allows us to observe and listen to the world, to challenge convention and positively change the way we live in.

Whether the business challenge is creating a new category, maintaining brand relevance or launching a whole new brand venture, we connect with people, work for the category and enrich the brand’s meaning.

At The Travel Store, we never fail to inspire our customers with forward-thinking product designs that expresses the heart of our brand and offerings that are compelling and feasible for our business.

About Red Dot Awards

Identifying good design since 1955, the Red Dot Design Award received more than 16,500 applications from 70 countries in 2014. Making the competition one of the biggest and most prestigious design awards worldwide. 

In 2005, the award recognised the need to identify and celebrate new design concept and innovation, the precursor of tomorrow’s great product. Believing a design concept must be evaluated based on its design merit without prejudice, the award created a unprecedented platform that accept entries from companies to design students. 

Today, the Red Dot Award for design concept has grown to be the largest and most recognised professional design competition for design concept and prototypes worldwide.  As the industry benchmark, this competition becomes the foundation of the Red Dot Design Ranking, published by the Red Dot Institute.

Listed products are available in stores.  

Red Dot Design Awards 2014 - Bulin 30 By Vaude


  Red Dot Design Awards 2014 - Bootlegger By Boreas   Red Dot Design Awards 2015 - Nimbus By Lojel