After Sales

A promise made is a promise kept. At The Travel Store, our customer’s purchase is not where it ends. The success of our brand today depends a lot on how we continue to support our customers after their purchases.

The post-sales support is key to the effective use of our products. We are committed to partner with our customers to make the best use of our products, solve their needs or problems efficiently and better enhance customer experience.

Our dedicated service centre offer after sales support as a means of assisting our customers when attention is required due to wear and tear. Here, fully trained sales service technicians offer a range of services covering after sales and support to suit customers specific requirements. 

The Travel Store (Singapore)

Service Centre:
153 Kampong Ampat 
Junjie Industrial Building, #03-05
Singapore 368326
Tel: +65 6282 8255
Fax: +65 6285 4435

The Travel Store (Malaysia)

Service Centre:
A8, Jalan Kuang Bulan,
Taman Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03 6276 3677 / 013 7310120
Fax: 03 6273 1437